Cooling Tower Auditing

Cooling Tower System Risk Management Plan Audit
(Onsite and Desktop)

In line with Department of Human Services Regulations the role of our auditors is to examine records and other relevant documentation to determine whether the specified risks have been addressed, whether the plan is being implemented and whether a review of the RMP has been conducted in the 12 months prior to the audit period end date

The RMP audit system is designed to be a paper audit and therefore can occur offsite. This requires the client to supply copies of all relevant documentation required for the audit. The desktop audit is then conducted at our premises.

We are also happy to conduct cooling tower audits onsite at your facility. This is especially useful if:
· the RMPs are complex
· there are a large number of implementation items
· there are multiple cooling tower systems
· there are a number of RMPs applicable to the audit period for a CTS.

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