Auditing Services Australia was founded in 2001 to provide auditing services of Food Safety Programs for Class 1 Food Preparation facilities. The dedication of ASA’s auditors and their high regard within this field was significant in the decision to then pioneer and incorporate Cooling Tower System Risk Management Plan Audits as an extension of their services.

Auditing Services Australia was one of the first companies that began auditing cooling towers in 2002, and since then has gained a valuable reputation within the industry for its reliable and exceptional service. Since the inception of this service, ASA has also maintained a close and valued relationship with the Department of Human Services.

With over 50 years of combined auditing experience, ASA’s team of certified auditors are ready to meet your auditing requirements. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills and assisted by outstanding support staff, the ASA auditing team is renowned for its professionalism and dedication to providing friendly and efficient auditing services.

Our Team is qualified in these areas:
· CTS Risk Management Plan Consulting

· CTS Risk Management Plan Auditing

· Food Safety Auditing

· Food Safety Consulting

· HACCP Facilitating & Training

· Food Hygiene Training

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